For Sale: Lighting and Studio Gear

09th February 2021

I've recently upgraded all my lighting equipment to Godox AD600BMs. The reason for this as I plan to be shooting more aerial I wanted some lights with a much faster refresh rate between shots.

This has resulted in a chunk of my gear being surplus to requirement, and is just taking up room storing it when I probably won't be using it again.

All of these prices are collection only (in Colchester, and y'know I can hold onto this stuff post covid restrictions). However postage, delivery etc can be discussed, and I can obviously play with prices accordingly.

They are sold without warranty, however the equipment has been well looked after and not overly used.

Please feel free to make offers, especially if you're purchasing multiple items.

£300 - Elemental Studio M 1x600w, 3x300w in roller case.

Disclaimer: One of the 300w currently isn't working. I attempted to turn it on one day and nothing. Doesn't appear to be the bulb or fuse. I think there's a loose connection inside as something is rattling. This could very well be repairable. However do not attempt to repair it without knowing what you're doing. Capacitors and electricity are DANGEROUS. Please speak to qualified electrical engineer or electrician.


I've bought these second hand in 2010(ish) from a fellow photographer from uni. They've been used, but overall condition is good on them. No marks on the outside units. Spent most of their life stored away when not in use.

Each light comes with an end cap, modelling bulb and power lead.

Two sync chords (both working) have been included.

The roller case has barely been used since I've had it as I shortly afterwards changed it up to a pelicase. This means the roller case has spent the majority of its life in my parents loft.

Elemental Studio Flash are now no longer trading, this is due to their tripod business  (Three Legged Thing) becoming more successful. However they very well may be early rebadged Godox units, similar to what Pixapro is now.


£30 - Godox 35x160xm Softbox (Stripbox / Strip softbox) - Two available

Selling as surplus to requirment. I recently acquired a new softbox with a grid, plan to get a matching pair, and four stripboxes is far more then I'll ever need.

I've never had a problem with them without grids, I've opted to keep the ones with grids however as the grid will make my life easier within confined spaces.

Condition is excellent. Spent most of their life stored away. I've even folded them up along the original creases.

Currently unavailable on Amazon and go for about £40 on ebay.

I couldn't find the proper photos I took, so here's the last time I used them

£10 - Yongnuo RF603C II Tranceivers (C3) - Two Available


Used but boxed.

Work as both a transmitter and receiver.

The male hot shoe mount is design to work on Canon cameras.

Includes a port for sync chord,allowing you to fire some studio lights wirelessly, a female hot shot to trigger flash guns and the sync chord port allows remote firing of cameras.

Comes with a C3 cables to connect with Canon Models like the 5, 6 and 7D.

£10 - 2m Light Stand, Still wrapped/unused

This came free with one of my new AD600s.

I currently have some heavy duty 3m air cushioned stands which do me well, I frequently make use of the extra height.

The box has been opened, however the tripod is still wrapped in its original wrapping and hasn't been removed.

Light Stand

£10 - Bowen mod adapters for Speedlights - Two Available

Cast metal. Quality is good (paint removed on one where I think it's been stored with the other).

Allows the connection of bowen mods to speedlight/flashguns. Perfect for using your studio mods on location.

Surplus to requirement because of moving to AD200s and these won't work with them. Please note an umbrella swivel or similar is required in order to change the pitch of the light.

Bowen Adapters

£10 - Umbrella Swivel - Two Available

I'm tempted not to get rid of these. Simple umbrella swivels but they're cast metal and heavy duty.

Comes with threaded stand adapter to allow these to be connect to tripod mounts.

Works well with the bowen mod adapters. mentioned above.

Umbrella Swivels

More to Come!

I have a bunch of other gear which doesn't get used I'm not sure what to do with including, feel free to drop me a message to make offers etc: